The Rapid Reel Program  


A demo reel is a video presentation designed to showcase your acting skills and talent to a potential employer. In fact, many industry professionals won’t even invest the time to meet until they have had the opportunity to view your reel. Material may include student films, independent films, commercials, television, as well as films. Your demo reel shouldn’t be longer than four minutes in length, and your best material should always be first. Anything you are not proud of (performance, quality, content) should not go on your demo reel.  The goal of every Rapid Reel is to create original, high quality content for an actor’s theatrical reel.  It’s not easy getting copies of your work – at any time, on any projects.  There are several companies that offer actors the opportunity to create their own reel.  This is not what we are doing.  We are offering you a platform to perform in new, original content with a creative team.  It has to look like it’s something you booked, not something you bought.  If you decide to move forward at the conclusion of our initial consultation, a non-refundable $500 deposit will be required.  Balance is due after our shoot, before editing begins.  Once your deposit has been paid, a one or two-person scene will be written shot, edited, and in some rare instances, cast. Don’t have a scene partner? No worries! One can be provided for you!  Schedule your free thirty minute consultation today, either by email or phone.  There is no obligation other than your time, so let’s get started!  One person sign-up – $625 (Scene partner will be provided).  Two person sign-up – $950


Rapid Reel Samples